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We bring you a comprehensive suite of advantages, seamlessly integrating high-quality turnstiles with access control, complemented by custom designs and top-tier installation services.

Experience top-notch advantages with high-quality turnstiles seamlessly integrated with access control, along with custom designs and comprehensive installation services, all provided by Our product offerings include Full Height Turnstiles and Gates, Waist High Optical Speed Lanes, Access Control Kits, Canopies, Man-Traps, Barriers, and Specialized Entrance Structures. Holding a GSA Contract and HUBZone SBA Certification, this joint venture has been chosen as the preferred provider of security turnstiles by numerous recognized organizations nationwide since 1989. Under, takes pride in offering the finest turnstile systems to enhance the security posture of your facility. Connect with our friendly team members today to embark on your project with the assurance of our expertise and unparalleled service.

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1. Seamless Integration:
Experience the seamless integration of high-quality turnstiles with advanced access control systems. Our solutions are designed to elevate your security measures and provide a robust defense for your facility.

2. Custom Designs:
Tailor your security infrastructure to your unique needs with our custom design options. Our experts at work collaboratively to ensure that your security solution is as distinctive as your requirements.

3. Comprehensive Installation:
Enjoy peace of mind with our end-to-end installation services. From planning to execution, we provide a polished and efficient installation process, ensuring your security solution is up and running seamlessly. 

Explore Our Comprehensive Product Offerings

We pride ourselves on offering a great selection to meet the unique needs of each client.
Our product offerings include a wide range of turnstile solutions, such as Full Height Turnstiles and Gates, Waist High Optical Speed Lanes, Access Control Kits, Canopies, Man-Traps, Barriers, and Specialized Entrance Structures, featuring EntraPASS Global Edition Security Management Software for high-quality monitoring and access control.  

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  • Turnstiles: We offer a wide range of turnstile models, tailored to your specific requirements, including various styles, sizes, and configurations to suit different facility types and security levels.
  • ADA Gates: Our ADA-compliant gates ensure seamless accessibility for individuals with disabilities while keeping a high level of security.
  • Canopies: Enhance the functionality and aesthetics of your turnstile system with our durable and visually appealing canopies that protect turnstiles from the weather.
  • Man Traps: Create secure access points with our man traps, designed to maximize security.
  • Biometrics: Our advanced biometric readers offer reliable and accurate identification by fingerprint, palm, or face. 
  • Card Readers: Integrated with our turnstile systems, our card readers provide classic and efficient access control, allowing for easy and secure entry.
  • Access Control Kits: Our access control solutions enable you to manage and monitor entry points effectively, ensuring only authorized individuals can access your facility.
  • Specialized Entrance Structures: Find unique structures with partitions and barriers designed to meet your specific security needs in your space. 

Our Credentials Speak Volumes

With a GSA Contract, is a trusted authority in the security turnstile domain. Since 1989, we have proudly been chosen as the preferred provider by numerous recognized organizations worldwide.

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We are proud to hold a GSA Contract with a commitment to provide the U.S. Government with exceptional, high-quality products and pride in workmanship. We bring the best security products and turnstile installation services to every one of our clients.

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